Wayne T. Johnson,
R.A., P.P.
Eric Kiellar,

BlueLine has its own unique personality. The name was crafted to forgo the mainstream of identifying a firm by individuals' names and instead capitalize on a firm's capabilities as a whole, and not on its parts. The imagery of the name is multiple, from the creative connotation of blue, to the definitive properties of a line. This thought holds true in every aspect of the firm's performance. A project is explored for all its potentials so that the design work produces smart, solution-oriented construction .

Listening and Quality Attention
The ability to effectively listen to the needs of a client, although simple in theory, is a philosophy most misinterpreted in the profession. Each project is handled with at least one quality-specific professional from beginning to end. Upfront, at least two professionals kick off each project. This multiplies professional thought and helps to eliminate costly mistakes from communication breakdowns.

Invested in our Clients
BlueLine's outstanding architecture is matched by a commitment to both service and on-time project delivery. We take the time to ensure that our clients are happy, and our approach is working. We have experienced both strong word-of-mouth referrals and healthy growth.

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